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San Bernardino Community College District

Institutional Effectiveness Advisory Committee

Last modified at 12/1/2023 7:41 a.m.

Institutional Effectiveness Advisory Committee (IEAC)

Meetings, Agendas, & Minutes

Fourth Thursday of the month from 10:00 - 11:30 a.m. unless otherwise indicated. Committee is dark in June and July.



The Institutional Effectiveness Advisory Committee (IEAC) aids in the districtwide integration of institutional planning, resource allocation, program review and the technology strategic plan. We support student success by:

  • Supporting the colleges' Institutional Effectiveness processes.

  • Supporting the accreditation processes at the colleges and ensuring that the related accreditation district entities (e.g., HR, Business Services, TESS) are meeting accreditation requirements. 

  • Providing program review support by reviewing program assessment results in light of District Support Operations (DSO) strategic goals to recommend institutional priorities for inclusion into integrated planning and resource allocation.

  • Ensuring that the colleges Educational Master Plans inform the development of the DSO Strategic Plan.

  • Developing and monitoring implementation of the DSO Strategic Plan, ensuring that the District Strategic Plans (i.e., HR and TESS) align with the DSO Plan.

  • Ensuring the development of mechanisms to assess progress on major district plans (i.e., HR and TESS) and providing an annual report that can be used in the formulation of recommendations to Chancellor’s Council. 

  • Facilitating communications and resource-sharing across District and Colleges in order to better meet institutional research and planning needs.

  • Developing mechanisms (e.g., self-surveys and rubrics) to assess effectiveness of district-level committees and make recommendations to Chancellor’s Council.

  • Participating in deliberations related to the development of the annual academic calendar. 

Please contact the Office of the Chancellor, Heather Ford, with questions/comments.